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Sales Integra, a division of Foray Technology Ltd, is a leading niche innovator in business automation, business intelligence and internet technology space. It is a complete collaborative platform clubbed with Sales Integra Gamification tools, which will bring all stakeholders on a single platform in a dynamic and competitive environment that helps to achieve the organization’s desired goals. In short, Sales Integra brings healthy and cohesive systems and practices, enhanced revenue and higher profitability. Sales Integra is a sales acquisition platform with a global first -- a robust sales engine with business and sales intelligence tools

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Sales software solutions, popularly known as CRMs, are cluttered in the market place with scores of branded products. The question is how many of them really help organizations to convert leads into real sales, increase revenue and profit. Our research shows the existing products are complicated and basically a sales follow-up solution; not sales acquisition product. This encourages us to create a real product for sales acquisition. We love to decode the complicated software solutions and our team worked hard to make products that people love to use. And that is Sales Integra, an easy-to-use product that will increase sales and multiply revenue.

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